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HTML (DOM) sourced data
The foundation for DataTables is progressive enhancement, so it is very adept at reading table information directly from the DOM. This example shows how easy it is to add searching, ordering and paging to your HTML table by simply running DataTables on it.
NamePositionOfficeAgeStart dateSalary
Airi Satou Accountant Tokyo 33 2008/11/28 $162,700
Angelica Ramos Chief Executive Officer (CEO) London 47 2009/10/09 $1,200,000
Ashton Cox Junior Technical Author San Francisco 66 2009/01/12 $86,000
Bradley Greer Software Engineer London 41 2012/10/13 $132,000
Brenden Wagner Software Engineer San Francisco 28 2011/06/07 $206,850
Brielle Williamson Integration Specialist New York 61 2012/12/02 $372,000
Bruno Nash Software Engineer London 38 2011/05/03 $163,500
Caesar Vance Pre-Sales Support New York 21 2011/12/12 $106,450
Cara Stevens Sales Assistant New York 46 2011/12/06 $145,600
Cedric Kelly Senior Javascript Developer Edinburgh 22 2012/03/29 $433,060
NamePositionOfficeAgeStart dateSalary
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Ajax sourced data
DataTables has the ability to read data from virtually any JSON data source that can be obtained by Ajax. This can be done, in its most simple form, by setting the ajax:option option to the address of the JSON data source.
NamePositionOfficeExtn.Start dateSalary
NamePositionOfficeExtn.Start dateSalary
Angelica RamosChief Executive Officer (CEO)London57972009/10/09$1,200,000
Archana DesaiAccountantTokyo54072008/11/28$162,700
Ashton CoxJunior Technical AuthorSan Francisco15622009/01/12$86,000
Bradley GreerSoftware EngineerLondon25582012/10/13$132,000
Brenden WagnerSoftware EngineerSan Francisco13142011/06/07$206,850
Bruno NashSoftware EngineerLondon62222011/05/03$163,500
Caesar VancePre-Sales SupportNew York83302011/12/12$106,450
Cara StevensSales AssistantNew York39902011/12/06$145,600
Cedric KellySenior Javascript DeveloperEdinburgh62242012/03/29$433,060
Charde MarshallRegional DirectorSan Francisco67412008/10/16$470,600
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Javascript sourced data
At times you will wish to be able to create a table from dynamic information passed directly to DataTables, rather than having it read from the document. This is achieved using the data option in the initialisation object, passing in an array of data to be used (like all other DataTables handled data, this can be arrays or objects using thecolumns.data option).A table must be available on the page for DataTables to use. This examples shows an empty table element being initialising as a DataTable with a set of data from a Javascript array. The columns in the table are dynamically created based on the columns.title configuration option.
Server-side processing
There are many ways to get your data into DataTables, and if you are working with seriously large databases, you might want to consider using the server-side options that DataTables provides. With server-side processing enabled, all paging, searching, ordering actions that DataTables performs are handed off to a server where an SQL engine (or similar) can perform these actions on the large data set (after all, that's what the database engine is designed for!). As such, each draw of the table will result in a new Ajax request being made to get the required data.Server-side processing is enabled by setting the serverSide:option option to true and providing an Ajax data source through the ajax:option option.
First nameLast namePositionOfficeStart dateSalary
First nameLast namePositionOfficeStart dateSalary
AiriSatouAccountantTokyo28th Nov 08$162,700
AngelicaRamosChief Executive Officer (CEO)London9th Oct 09$1,200,000
AshtonCoxJunior Technical AuthorSan Francisco12th Jan 09$86,000
BradleyGreerSoftware EngineerLondon13th Oct 12$132,000
BrendenWagnerSoftware EngineerSan Francisco7th Jun 11$206,850
BrielleWilliamsonIntegration SpecialistNew York2nd Dec 12$372,000
BrunoNashSoftware EngineerLondon3rd May 11$163,500
CaesarVancePre-Sales SupportNew York12th Dec 11$106,450
CaraStevensSales AssistantNew York6th Dec 11$145,600
CedricKellySenior Javascript DeveloperEdinburgh29th Mar 12$433,060
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